Camping at the beach

Campsite location: Playa Motril close to Salobrena
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36.718375 -3.561032
Facilities: Public toilets, beach showers, drinking water fountain, beach bars, hardstanding, easy access, shops and restaurants nearby, right on the beach
Cost: FREE

After spending some fantastic days in Granada, particularly seeing the Alhambra fortified palace, we moved back South to the Mediterranean coast to Salobrena. After a few days of hectic sightseeing, it’s nice to kick back and relax for a while, put our (sore) feet up and do nothing. We are supposed to use this time to write up our trip diary, but when there are long coastal walks on offer, well, they win.

It really is just steps from the beach here

Being avid scuba divers, we definitely have missed the ocean. Also, we were mildly annoyed at how much we had to pay at the Granada campsite each night, which was the most expensive so far at 26 Euros a night, so it felt nice to balance that out with a few days of unpaid camping. And finally, we looked forward to the warmer weather back at sea level. Granada was 738 meters above sea level or 2421 feet. That extra elevation means cooler temperatures in April when we visited.

We picked a sunny spot but there are a lot of trees and shaded areas if you want them

We actually stayed for 5 nights at a beachfront picnic area car park a little west of the town of Salobrena. The beach named Playa Motril and the Med were a 30-second walk away. It was in a lovely area where there were lots of golf courses, restaurants and bars. This beach bar was rocking in the day and the evening with great music and a fun eclectic crowd.

There were toilet facilities near the beach, as well as showers and a couple of bars were right there too. A couple of minutes walk away was a teeing off place for a beautiful golf course and the clubhouse was right there with a fabulous restaurant. We say fabulous because the smells coming out of the kitchen were fantastic, although we didn’t eat there ourselves.

Plenty of room to put chairs on the grass and have a picnic

The police would drive around several times a day to keep an eye on things. At one point a Spanish family turned up and set up camp with a large awning, groundsheet, tables and chairs, BBQ and more. The police asked them to move on, but all the other motorhomes that were ‘parking’ instead of ‘camping’ were allowed to stay. If you visit this parking, or indeed any free wild camping spot, please do obey the rules, keep things clean and tidy, remove all of your rubbish, dispose of waste responsibly and in the correct areas. Don’t be a nuisance and we’ll all be allowed to stay there, and have a wonderful time.

We mainly chilled out most days but did manage a long decent walk along the coast each day towards the coastal part of Motril. We would normally pick up some fresh bread most days for one of our daily meals.

We had a fantastic time here and next year if we get down this far into Spain we will come to Salobrena again. In fact, we can’t wait!

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  2. Hi Deby and Nigel,

    If you want to update your site, I just like to tell you, in this parking lot not allowed to camp anymore. There is a forbidden sign, and a 2 meter height restriction.

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