Hello and welcome from Deby, Nigel and our fat cat Scruffy. We’re British, travelling around Europe in our Burstner Harmony 744 motorhome, enjoying some slow travel, good food and excellent sightseeing. Our journey starts in January 2019 and continues for as long as Brexit doesn’t interfere with our freedom of movement.

We’re both sort of retired in that we no longer work for other people, but we do earn a small income through a couple of websites we run. Hopefully, if we keep a tight rein on our expenses, the income from our sites can pay most of our day to day living expenses. We’ll be sharing our budgets and expenses with you here on the site.

Deby is the crafty-type. Always making something, or looking at life through the eyes of an artist and dreamer. She loves to sew and paint, although life in the confines of a motorhome doesn’t presently allow for those activities, so a coloring book has to do. She has contributed to several sites online, writing sewing patterns and tutorials for So Sew Easy, making videos and writing articles for Acrylic Pouring, and creating online classes in how to work with resin for Craft University. She is also a Craftsy sewing instructor for Sewing Wallets.

She also has a soft spot for animals, and especially those who look like they need help or a good home. Thank goodness the motorhome doesn’t allow us to adopt a menagerie. We’ve made a deal, just a single cat until we are settled somewhere permanent, but he’s so big and fat that he contributes a lot to our payload!

Nigel is an avid environmentalist and picks up litter everywhere we walk. It’s his goal to leave everywhere cleaner than when we arrived. He was an active member of the Dept of Environment Lionfish team in the Cayman Islands, where he worked as a scuba diving instructor and boat captain, before we set off on our travels. He helped to reduce numbers of the invasive lionfish by removing 11,000 from the Cayman reefs. You can read more about the lionfish problem on his blog at Lionfish Hunting.

He is also an advocate for excellence and continuous improvement and saw it as his goal to help every scuba diver achieve their best. He has written a popular book on how to improve your dive times which is for sale in digital and paperback formats: Save Your Breath – how to improve your air consumption and get longer dive times.

We hope to entertain and inform you with our travel experiences, stories, photos and videos. We’re always happy to hear from you, so please do leave us your comments or send us a message via the contact us page.

Happy travels!