Our view out of our lounge window the first evening.

On our way to visit Burgos (which we didn’t actually get to in the end), we stopped halfway as we fancied a bit of countryside relaxation. Just off the A62 (E80) we found this great place called Quintana del Puente, a small village with just 250 inhabitants.

We parked on the edge of the village just at the edge of the countryside. It was a lovely riverside stop surrounded by nature, with a pretty picnic area. There is no passing traffic, but a little distant road noise. There is a walk along the river and fields with rabbits in the evening. Scruffy enjoyed it here and would walk for such a long way along the river – although he didn’t know what to make of the rabbits.

It was wonderful parking under some lush trees. There was space for three largish motorhomes like ours, although we think if you were French, room for 4 or 5. Lots of the French motorhomers we’ve seen on our travels don’t seem to have the same personal space as the rest of us, and often park up really close.

We were in Sintra in Portugal in a truly massive open space car park on our own and quite late when we were in bed, we heard another van turn up. When we opened our door in the morning we could just get out. We were definitely not able to open our side window all the way. And yes when I got out to have a walk about we were then still just 2 vans in a massive car park and of course the new arrivals were French. That was our worst example. We just had to laugh about it. When we had finished our day’s sightseeing and returned they had gone.

View from the door

This was the lovely view we had from our doorway. The council had built a riverside picnic area which was just perfect.

It had lots of places to sit and have a picnic or to just enjoy the views or maybe somewhere to rest after a hike in the woods.

It even had a barbecue area ready to go!

Our cat Scruffy also loved this place as there really was hardly anyone around. He doesn’t like people at all for some weird reason, except us. On our second and last night here the Police did drive by twice. They can move you on if they like, but they didn’t. If you give them an excuse by camping in your motorhome then they will move you on. Camping is things like putting your awning out, getting your tables and chairs out right next to your motorhome, hanging washing out etc etc.

The GREEN arrow in the picture above shows where we parked at sat nav coordinates of 42.086502, -4.206456.

The BLUE arrow above shows the Free Official Aire that they have for motorhomers at the other end of the village. It has eight hardstanding spaces to park, fresh water and a grey and black water dump. It is though pretty close to the A62 (E80) so I’m sure you’ll get traffic noise if you park there. The sat nav coordinates are 42.082434, -4.208826.

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