Read about our visit to Mafra Royal Palace and check out the pics here.

Well, here you really couldn’t get a parking spot that was closer to the attraction you wanted to visit.

However, on Park 4Night where we found this free parking spot it did have us entering the wrong end of the car park so that we had to take a detour out of the car park and back in at the other end. Some jobsworth had put some bollards in the middle of the parking that basically cut the car park in two. 

If you look on google maps and come in at the far end, where the very open and modern bus terminal is then that is the way in for the motorhomes. 

You’ll then find 7 parking spots for big motorhomes with easy hookup to EHU. The spaces were massive. Our 7.44-metre motorhome plus moped rack, making it about 8.00-metres long fitted in the spot with tonnes of room, both at the back and the front. You could get a coach in there.

There were also 17 other similar sized parking spaces next to that where if you had a long enough cable you could use one of the electric hookups. There were 4 blocks of them with three outlets per block making 12 in total. Only 9 were working when we were there.

The parking was free which is always great, but what made it fabulous was the EHU was free. And it had some decent ampage as we were able to run our air conditioning. We also used our electric immersion heater for hot water for a shower each, Deby used her hair dryer, Nigel had a haircut with his electric hair clippers and we charged up all our batteries on our two laptops, our tablet, our camera and our mini vacuum cleaner. It felt like a luxury to have ‘real’ electricity rather than solar 12v.

The AC though was the best. The car park is all concrete and on the day we were there at the end of May the sunshine was intense. One of the hottest places in England on many days of the year is Heathrow Airport because of all that concrete. It was a real luxury to have the AC on, thanks Mafra. It meant we were happy to go out for the day to visit the Palace and know our cat was cool and happy in the van and we didn’t have to hurry back for him.

Sat Nav details – we parked at 38.933702, -9.326302.  We suggest using these sat nav coordinates: WMMF+59 in Google Maps or search for Parque Do Alto Da Vela.

Here’s a Google Map showing the parking for the motorhomes, where the yellow arrow is pointing. You’ll see how close the palace is to the right. Enter the car park via the roundabout on the far left. There’s also a Lidl in the top left within easy walking distance.

You can dump your grey and black water for free. But you have to pay for fresh water, which apparently costs €0.50 for 85 seconds worth. We didn’t need any as we were already full and also off next to a spot that had free water.

If you don’t need any fresh water but want to change your chemical toilet then use some of your grey water to flush it a few times and for a final flush use some fresh water from your van. We always keep a spare big bottle of fresh water in the garage for those tasks.

Check out our maps page for all the details and locations for where we have stayed on our trip.

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