Where you can and why you should camp in the Ikea car park. Our experiences staying in an Ikea car park in our motorhome in Murcia in Spain.

You are probably reading this and thinking why. Why would you choose to ‘camp’ in a car park at Ikea? It doesn’t conjeur up the idea of an idyllic campsite. But actually, if you have a motorhome and enjoy travelling and sight-seeing, it’s pretty much perfect here for a few days stop over!

Campsite name: Murcia official camper stop
Location: In a large car park near Ikea and the Thader shopping mall
Sat Nav: 38.028845, -1.147106
Price: Free, including fresh water fill up and waste disposal
Facilities: Fresh water fill up /discharge station / toilet disposal, hard-standing, nearby transport links to city, shops and restaurants
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What’s to love about Ikea Car Park? Well for one, it’s not just Ikea here. There is an Aldi, another huge supermarket Alcampo, a shopping mall with clothes, shoes and all the usual stores, a huge Chinese store selling everything you could ever want, and lots of different eateries and restaurants. So if there is anything you need, it’s easy to go to the shops on foot and carry things back to your van which is parked right outside.

There are easy transport links into the center of Murcia for sightseeing – we especially recommend the Real Casino de Murcia – it’s actually not a casino, more like a posh members club, but the interior is outstanding. Get the audio tour for €5. Tram into town is cheap – about €1.40 and only about 300m away from the parking.

Ikea itself. We stopped in for a cup of coffee (refills are free) and took the laptops. Places to plug in at the restaurant, super fast wifi for free, and we eventually stayed and had a good lunch too. Love those Swedish meatballs. We were able to get all of our trip photos so far backed up to the cloud so that made us happy.

The shopping centre has 24 hour security and excellent lighting throughout the area including where the campers are. There is a security office right next door to the camper area, and it’s always busy here so it feels very safe. No worries about leaving your van here for the day while you enjoy time in Murcia.

Because people are only shopping during the day, the car parks empty at night and it’s really quiet here. We slept in both days much later than usual because it was one of the quietest places we’ve stopped at so far!

When you leave you can refill up with fresh water, dispose of the grey waste water by way of the drive over disposal and also empty the chemical toilet. All for free.

So if you fancy visiting Murcia, or even if you are just passing through on your way to another destination, check out Ikea car park. You won’t be disappointed. Many thanks to Murcia city council for putting on such excellent motorhome facilities.

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