Want to know more about us and our travels? These are the questions we get asked the most.

What van do you have?

We have a 2019 Burstner Lyseo TD Harmony 744. It’s on a Fiat base, has two electric drop down double beds, an L-shaped rear lounge, and the Comfortmatic automatic gearbox.

You can see a walk-through of the van here.

What accessories did you have fitted to the van?

We decided to go the full expense of having air-conditioning installed. We’re travelling with a cat so we need to make sure the van stays cool and comfortable for him if we are out sightseeing for the day. That does mean that in the hotter months, if we are leaving the van unattended for the day, we’ll need to make sure we’re on electric hook up so the cat doesn’t cook.

We also have a 12V television which has brackets in both the rear lounge and the front seating/dining areas.

Because we will be working in the van, and bringing a lot of electrical items with us, we also had additional 12v and 240v sockets fitted to allow us to charge our laptops etc.

Coming from a very hot climate means we will be really feeling the cold in Europe unless it’s very hot, so we expect to use a lot of gas. We picked the refillable gas cylinders from ***** and had them fitted by ****** in Bristol. You can read more about them here.

Any extra security?

Yes, we’ve had an alarm, immobiliser and tracker fitted, as well as additional locks on all the doors. It’s probably best if we don’t advertise what security we have – why make it easier for any potential thieves to be prepared!  You can read more in various articles throughout the site.

Is that a bike on the back of your motorhome?

Yes, we have a Piaggio Liberty 50cc scooter. It’s carried on the back with a Carrier 110 scooter rack from LNB Towbars in Bristol.

What are your travel plans?

We don’t really have a plan! At the time of writing, our travels depend on what happens with Brexit and whether or not we will keep or lose our freedom of movement within the EU. Once the decision is made and we know effective dates, we’ll have more of an idea about how long and how far our travels might take us.

What about travel insurance?

We have a basic level of insurance on the contents of the van under our motorhome insurance policy.

For medical, we have a private medical insurance policy with IMG which covers us worldwide excluding the USA. It does have certain exclusions for pre-existing conditions, so if needed we will fund those costs ourselves or use the EHIC card where possible.